Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thinking about Building an Alaskan Fishing Lodge!

I used to live in Alaska, and unfortunately have ended up moving back down to the lower 48. I am really excited about my long terms plans though. I want to build an Alaska Fishing Lodge!

I know it sounds daunting... and it is, but it has always been a dream of mine to retire in Alaska and fish every day. Really what is better than relaxing in a boat, rocking in the waves, while a chunk of Salmon sits just off the botton waiting for a huge halibut to CHOMP ON!

Speaking of which, is there any food on the planet that is better than Halibut? I mean really you can find So many different recipes for halibut on sites like you can cook it about a million different ways! Plus it is super healthy for you.

So back to my fishing lodge. I think I want to keep it pretty small.. Maybe only 20 rooms or so in total. I figure this way I can actually meet all the guests... assuming they want to chat, and can really enjoy the place.

Ahh I miss living in Alaska!

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